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Punctual personalized service and superior fabrication expertise makes Alpine Casting Company your clear choice for casting and full-service jewelry production.

Send us a prototype or existing mold and we will cast, finish and return to you jewelry items ready to assemble and sell. We work in gold, silver, brass, bronze and pewter.

Spend your valuable time working on new designs and let our artisans take care of the manufacturing for you!

Our Dedicated Artisans

Alpine Casting Company is a family owned business that has been producing custom metal castings since 1985. Originally started as Artistic Awards, the first products were custom ski racing medallions for events held throughout the US and Canada. Quickly branching into other markets, we soon began providing contract jewelry manufacturing services to designers under the name Alpine Casting Company.

We pride ourselves on producing products of the highest quality as well as shipping them on time. Our dedicated staff of craftspeople control every step of the production process and assure exacting attention to detail.

Our customers have been very loyal throughout the years and we enjoy an excellent reputation among them. We believe that we are partners in each others success and have seen many of our customers grow and achieve their goals.

Currently housed in a 4800 sq ft production facility, we are located at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Living at the foot of the rocky mountains enables our staff to enjoy our dry, sunny climate and all the great outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. All of us at Alpine Casting hope you enjoy the web site and will call us with any questions.