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Costs depend on material type, weight and quantity of each piece. Contact us with the following information and we will send you a quote:

  • Material- substances used in production (e.g. brass, wax, plastic) as well as metal to be used in the final pieces;
  • Weight- weight in grams (g), pennyweight (dwt), or ounces (oz);
  • Quantity- number of pieces to be produced.

Prices for each piece are calculated by adding a labor charge to material costs:

  • Labor charges are determined by the weight and quanity of each item.There is a minimum weight threshold. Charges for pieces over these thresholds are calculated using a price per gram (g).
  • Metal costs calculated by adding 50% to the spot price of the weight of the metal used in a piece on the day it is shipped.

Our minimum is for 25 of the same item, excluding gold. There is substantial discounts for higher quantites. We reserve the right to charge a premium for any pieces that are significantly more than the norm to manufacture.